Saturday, August 23, 2008

weird things

Somethings are just too weird….i realized today that we spend more time with our electronic gadgets rather than our family. We are ready to spend more than half of the day sitting in front of a computer, chatting, smsing, talking on the phone, or just playing games on a computer. Can you imagine we like spending time with these non-living things, these mechanical things which have no feelings or emotions whatsoever. And we prefer these over our friends and families. Life would have been so much better without then na! Well u no it is ironical, I actually cannot survive without my cell-phone or without my laptop, but I have started hating my dependency on them..
I guess we should all learn to draw a line somewhere. Stop using them for a while and learn to live sometime without them, which perhaps will be the most difficult thing for freaks like us.
Sometime back, all my cousins had gathered together after quite a long time. I was excited to be with them again and have our usual fights. Teasing sessions, troubling sessions and the likes, but what made me sad was that when I went in the room to greet them, I encountered a stony silence and all four of them sitting in front of their respective computers/laptops and busy in their chatting sessions or their gaming sessions. Such is life…imagine four young boys who wouldn’t stop chattering, don’t have a word to say to each other now!
I wonder what kind of lives my children will lead!! Kind of scary….

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