Thursday, February 12, 2009

Grow up people!

Its been some time since the shocking events in Mangalore, but thankfully the memories of such a dreadful event are still not erased and they shouldn't be, atleast till the time these so-called protectors of Indian Culture are brought to books. But i don't see this happening in the near future. The fact that these hooligans were out on bail barely days after the horrific incident shows that no matter how much we shout, how much we protest, it will fall on deaf ears. The most sickening part was the manner in which these hooligans were justifying their acts.
I wonder why the Government has not yet banned the 'Ram Sena'. These acts are just not acceptable.
Our society is still very much a male-chauvinist society. Men can go to pubs, drink, roam with women, but not women. If they do anything of these sorts, they are termed as loose or immoral. I wonder when will these people grow up!
Kudos to the Pink Chaddi Campaign. We should have more of these.

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