Tuesday, March 10, 2009

why such perversion?

Just read something on the net which reminded me of the movie, the monsoon wedding..
The thing that really affected me and i am sure many others watching the movie was the disgusting part about the child molestation. One never realises but things such as these maybe happening right in your own house. The little child often does not understand what is happening/has happened.
And more often than not these incidents remain only in the mind of the people involved in it. The child remembers it with fear and anger, the perpetrator of the crime remembers it as his/her pleasures.

Most of these incidents happen in the family, leaving the child with no option but to keep quiet, but what they don't realise is that by speaking up they not only save themselves, but other future victims from the hands of this insane human.
I still don't understand what pleasure does one get by molesting a year old kid or or for that matter a 8-9 year old child.

I hope and pray that no one, absolutely NO ONE goes through this mental trauma.


sana said...

perversion you mean??

saima said...

yes..thank you!

Born Hindu said...

You seem to have really refined interests. Maybe i misread you by your interest in the chaddi campaign. Sorry .

saima said...

thank u Born Hindu.. NO u did not misread me..i still support the Pink Chaddi Campaign....AND pls don't start this here again.
i support the campaign, you don't.... period.