Sunday, April 5, 2009


This has to be one of the good moments of my life :)
Got my result today, that means, i have freedom from exams, FOREVER!!
no more late night studies, waiting for the results !!!
Just another small step left now and i WILL BE A LAWYER! :)
Wear the prestigious band and the black gown, roam the corridors of the Courts! Bliss!!

My whole family is jumping with joy and happiness!! Congratulations on phone/smses/ facebook have kept me busy since 5 p.m.!!!

I just hope i don't let them down.
All i want is to make a mark for myself in this big, bad, ugly world, do my bit to change the legal system, earn enough money to fulfil my father's dream of opening a Hospital/NGO/school for the girls in his hometown.
Anyways, i am too happy to sit down and continue!

Adios! Hope everyone's dreams come true :)

My dada would have been so proud- "beti vakil ban gayi"!!


Indyeah said...

Congratulations!A lawyer??(looks in awe*
How cool:)
god bless you and yours:)
yes your dad would have been proud of his girl:)

Solilo said...


Your family must be so proud.

Just call me 'A' said...

congrats......want to see you in teh attire. do put up a pic

saima said...

indyeah: Thank u!! My dad is really proud! its my granddad i miss right now :)

Solilo: Thank you :) yes they are over joyed!

A: I will sure do, wen i get myself registered! which will happen in a few months time!
Thank you all for ur wonderful wishes :)
i am soo excited! :)

Indyeah said...

Sorry typo I did mean your dadaji but the A got left out :)

Just call me 'A' said...

you've been tagged, My lord...or is it me lord?.....ok...whatever! you've been tagged sweety ;)

shrek said...

congratulations! which university did you graduate from?

saima said...

Thank you shrek!!
Haven't graduated as yet :)
Just a matter of 1 or 2 more months!
Since my exam results are out i am unofficially a lawyer!
Just have to finish this darn dissertation, which is more of a formality now :)

Perakath said...

Congrats yo!

saima said...

Thanks yo!! :)