Friday, April 17, 2009

todays interview

Well, as it turned out, this wasn't an interview per se!!!
This was a meeting with one of the partners of one of the reputed firms on our country.
We had an informal chat. He made me feel so comfortable and we really hit it off well, and ended up chatting as new found friends!! He told me interesting experiences of his life, his journey to write a book. (Hes also a well-known author of legal books!)
He called me to involve me in a new project, which is beyond the company's work, and is his personal work. But he was thinking of involving someone in his firm as well... That i will get involved in the project is assured, but the unsure part is the job in the company where he works.
So my status is still the same...i.e. unemployed!!!
Anyways there is still a ray of hope, because he has told me to think about the job opportunity and if i am interested they would start the recruitment process in a month's time!! So i am just thinking and keeping my fingers crossed :)

Thank you Guys for the wishes :)


Solilo said...

Keeping the fingers crossed for you. Sounds like a good team to work with.

I remember my first interview which was informal and they took me to Lunch and they did most of the talking while I gobbled the food. :))))))))))) I got the job.

Smita said...

Ah!!! I hope this dispels your fear :))

Take ur own sweet time n decide :)