Monday, April 13, 2009


ummm...i should have been sleeping right now *scratches her head*...umm....i should have slept. why, because mom told me to and also the law of the nature says so, AND its late and i have work tomorrow.... But, i decide to write this...why...i have no answer..
ok, so tomorrow is my first EVER job interview. Yes i am nervous and have ZERO confidence, but i have faith. Faith in the One because of whom i got this interview call right out of no where.

Clothes to wear...decided (after consulting 10 people!!)
Shoes to wear....decided

I have always dreaded interviews, for the simple reason that i'll end up becoming a fool and the interviewers will be so harassed that they'll shout at me and shoo me away. Yes, i have had such horrible imaginative sequences in my mind when i should be working/studying. I have always looked of ways to wriggle out of the interviews (whether it was for the post of the editor of a magazine or getting selected for an organisation), i have tried to come up with the silliest excuse to escape the trauma and it never actually worked.

Picture this:
mom: S, don't u have an interview today at 1?
S: yes mom i do. But theres a lot of time left, why are u waking me up so soon??
mom: Woman, its 12, and you have to drive to Delhi for this thing remember??Its an hour's drive to CP!!!
S: (hurrying up, falling from the bed, and tripping on the sandals she wore last night)...ohhhh why din't you wake me up earlier.!!!
Mom: i have been trying to do that since 10, but its falling on deaf ears.
S: (at 12.30- still not dressed), Mom, i think i should skip this interview.. you know give others a chance.. or better still why don't i give a telephonic interview?? I'l tell them i broke my foot?? or the car is in repairs or i have to take you to the doctor?? what say :)
Mom: (emerging from the kitchen with the angriest expression possible) IF YOU DON'T GO RIGHT THIS MINUTE I'L SPANK YOU. Shameless girl, itni badi ho gayi hai...Shaadi ki umar aagayi hai...still look at her!! ,

S: (running off to save her self)

Well such have been my experiences with interviews.
I know there is no other way out. Today or tomorrow i will have to face the interview board...sigh...such is life...


Smita said...

lol :)

Frankly speaking even I am scared of interviews :) luckily till date I have given only 2 job interviews go thru in both of them and have stuck to one company for last 6 years all because I am scared to face another interview ;-)

But hey!!! Good luck, am sure u will excel :))

Sweet Post!!!

Jagjit said...

Hehe, funny. All the best for your next interview!! :)

Indyeah said...

:D yeah Interviews give me the heebie jeebies too as a friend says :D

but I am sure you will get out in one piece LOL!
err okay dont want to scare you:D was just kidding:D
yopu will rock!
all the very best!:))

Just call me 'A' said...

all the best for your interview. you'll get used to it. it's all about practise :)

shrek said...

"have been"? How many have you given so far? Aren't they a breeze -especially for a lawyer :p

Solilo said...

All the best for interviews. I am not scared anymore but I still am for tests :)

saima said...

Hey guys!! thank u soo much for the wishes!!! Well, the interview is postponed till this is really annoying !!!

@ smita -thanks a tonne!!! Even i am planning to be glued to one place ONCE i get the job :)

@ Jagjit, Indyeah, A, Solilo..thanks guys!! This means so much to me :)

@ Shrek...yeah i have had the misfortune of sitting for some random interviews which were often conducted by my seniors from my college or some other college....but future din't depend on them then :)
And interview will be taken by a bunch of legal experts, who are my baap in this field, so no matter how 'smart' i am, they will be more than happy to pounce on my every word :( sigh...

Purva said...

hehe...happened to me before taking Jamia entrance exam...was supposedly very enthu about taking it and had prepared a lot for it. Ended up being 20 mins late! Hail the love for sleep!!

Reflections said...

So interviews today hmmm.....wishing U the very best.
Let us know how it goes:-)).